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Naam: Nick Ash

Photography has always been my principal passion and work and a tremendous force in my life, since I was 17 years of age, where I first discovered it in school. The closest analogy or metaphor I could say about it is that I literally found my soul mate in photography. Lol, it is my high school sweetheart. It has brought me great joy and many opportunities for travel and meeting people all my life and always been there in one form or another.

At times and certain places, pulling out a camera has created tension and alienation. But to the most part, it has deepened my connections between people and even performs as an icebreaker. For ten years photography was a form of sacred art and service within the spiritual community of Adidam. 

I now pretty much focus solely on photography as Art rather than working with it commercially. Adi Da Samraj’s Image Art, along with the great masters, has been a great inspiration to me to embrace photography as art. 

My Subject matter and approach has changed over the years, from B&W, Landscapes, Nudes, Commercial, Stock and Travel photography to my most recent work of Ethnic and Tribal images from Africa. However as a fundamental theme and interest photographing woman and capturing the feeling of the archetypal beauty that they represent in many forms has been, I would say, my main theme. 

I find the power of photography to be amazing in its ability say so much in the capture of a seemingly frozen moment of time. There is a deep impulse in me to use this medium to seek out, help create and capture the pinnacle moment of an event, time, place or relationship, wherein everything magically comes together in the form or light, emotion, feeling, expression, composition, shape and form for usually only a split second. The combination of these subtle innuendoes and synchronicities happen so fast you never know if you pulled it off until close examination of the final reproduced image. A great image will hold that power eternally and take the viewer non self-consciously at any time directly into the feeling of that time and place in truly what could be only be described as in a magical way.