Giuseppe Lamers

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Inspired by stories from his parents about a trip to Zimbabwe, Giuseppe started making ceramic sculptures in 1993, mostly African images. At the beginning of 1999, this gave way to more abstract work, in which he could express his imagination more.

Stylized human forms give the viewer space to internalize the identity of these figures. Thus, in Giuseppe's story, everyone's story arises. The power with which these organic images communicate mainly embraces transcendence.

Each sculpture is timeless and human. Strong and tender at the same time. Striking lines and residual forms of both ceramics and bronze express translations for everything that flows: security, love and sadness.

Giuseppe builds up the ceramic sculptures and then forms the contours of the sculpture in clay. All images are made by hand. As a result, each image is unique. After a drying process of about three weeks, the sculptures are treated with a glaze and then baked at 1280 degrees. The images are therefore weatherproof. So they can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

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