Lease art / Buy art

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Lease art / Buy art

Lease art

The rental amount is 3% of the sales amount per month. You pay 2/3 of this in rent and 1/3 you save.

You can use the savings amount at any time during a rental period to purchase your rented artwork or after a rental period for another artwork from our collection.

A rental period is always 12 months and is extended without notice. During this rental period you may change artwork 1x.

You rent a work of art with a purchase amount of € 600
You rent per month 2% € 12,-
You save 1% per month € 6,-
You pay € 18 per month

Option 1. You have saved € 72.00. You can use this savings to purchase your rented artwork or another artwork from our collection.

Option 2. You rent the artwork for longer than 12 months. You can rent the artwork for as long as you want, in periods of 12 months. You just keep saving.

Option 3. You exchange your work of art after 12 months and rent another work of art. You just keep saving.

ART District offers transport service if the artwork does not fit in your car.


Art purchase scheme
With our art purchase scheme you can pay off the artwork in 6 or 12 months without interest.



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