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Project Description

Carine Bouvard


Carine Bouvard, Besanςon (France) 1973.

Her beautiful, soft-colored portraits are elegant and endearing, even though they sometimes have a sad appearance. And although her style varies, the women have in common that they all seem absorbed in their own beautiful thoughts.

‘Her women’ move between realism and fantasy, strength and vulnerability, awkwardness and elegance. They are her guideline and everything around it remains something to discover.

Carine has been painting for ten years and has been working as a full-time artist since 2008.

In her paintings she uses various techniques, such as: oil paint, acrylic, ink, stencil art, scratches and collages with layers of filler. She loves the material and all those different textures, colors with structures, enrich and approximately reveal the history of her as a person.

Carines artistic career is not easy to define. Her need to create is stimulated by her quest for: discovery, wonder and doubts. It is very essential for her that she shows the feminine, not consciously chosen that way, but it has forced itself on her as something obvious.


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