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Darsana, Toho, Borneo.

His paintings usually arise from central compositions. From the center he lets his brush move dynamically across the canvas. Expressive works betray different layers and an almost explosive line.

You could call it a musical work, because as a viewer you can be guided by the rhythm of his work. Sometimes powerful, then fleeting, light or heavy. In all his “tones” you will find bits of his journey to the perfect composition.

The beautiful, untouched pieces of nature in his native Borneo, and in particular the surroundings of Toho, were his frame of reference and stimulus in a discovery of beauty, which began in his childhood and soon found its expression in art.

After high school he went to study at the “school of ART” in Denpasar. There he refined and further developed his technique.

Today we can conclude that he has achieved success at home and abroad.

Honoured as “excellent Young Artist”.

Shanghai Spring Art Salon.


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