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Project Description

Hans Jochem Bakker


Hans Jochem Bakker (1948) is a self-taught artist from an old artist family. Inspired by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Miró and Picasso, he has incorporated parts of their southern temperament into his themes, such as a special interest in birds, horses and women.

His theme is not predetermined, it only arises, so to speak, when the brush touches the still blank canvas for the first time. As spontaneous as possible, honest, straight from the passionate artist heart. A finished story doesn’t even exist. Everything is in motion, and that is also the main reason to keep painting.

In addition to the greater freedom and with it the possibility to react immediately, to respond to what arises under the hand, there is also room to pay attention to the composition, structure and material. This completes the painting act and the painting becomes a unity of form, color and movement.


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