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Project Description

Jacqueline Schäfer


Jacqueline Schäfer lives and works in Amsterdam. She also took her final exams there in 1989 at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Until then, painting was mainly something she did for herself and only shared with a few others. A means of expression. When she discovered that it was also a means of communication, painting gave her an extra dimension. During her studies she went in search of a design language that suited her. She found her own style there and developed it over the years. Her work is now very recognizable through the play of clear shapes, bright colors and strongly defined, black contours divided into harmonious areas of color.

She has opted for the figurative, but not realistic image. She creates a world in which the shapes of her figures are recognizable and very unique. The themes of her paintings vary from cheerful, strange fantasy birds, static and subdued still lifes to female nudes. The latter mainly depict her own feelings and moods and in that sense can almost be called self-portraits.

Since 2004, the artist has also made figurines of, among others, the Strange Birds. For her this is a new artistic challenge that she hopes to develop further in the future, in addition to painting. All of her work clearly expresses Schäfer’s bright and positive love for life in a complex modern society.


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