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Project Description

Karlien Kuperus


Karlien Kuperus (Laren, 1981) is a Dutch artist. Karlien Kuperus graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Painting is her greatest passion, so it wasn’t difficult to get started right away. What started in a small apartment in the Amsterdam Jordaan soon expanded.
Her paintings are optimistic in character: cheerful and often even festive. Through the use of special materials; thick and different layers of paint in warm colors, her works get a unique signature. She describes her style as a modern figurative, but also as an expressionist. Scenarios full of opulence and lively themes invite the viewer to join.

Karlien thinks art is an addition to your interior and therefore very important. Many people say they do not know about art, but she thinks that doesn’t matter at all: a work of art appeals to you or not. Her paintings all have passionate warm colors. The themes vary, but at the moment it is mainly the nice ladies who pop out the canvas!


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