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Project Description

Patrick Muller


Patrick Muller (Naarden 1973)

Patrick has always been fascinated by the world around him. From architecture, interior and design to the dried mud pools and flaming reed collars in the field behind his parental home.

“Nature is the greatest artist. I can’t do better than nature. ” He tries not to emulate her, but to work with her. With intent, patience and sometimes brute force, he tries to control natural processes. Many works are therefore the result of experiments with materials and conditions. Paint, wood, metal and epoxy, but also abandoned and discarded items sometimes form the basis for a new work and are transformed beyond recognition.

Patrick is a real materials freak and his head is full of ideas. The bigger the better! You see in his work a preference for the monumental and large gestures. Tough works with rough surfaces of wall-filling format change the room. We can see here a reflection of the very smallest and the greatest in nature. His works are sometimes reminiscent of mountain ranges or even celestial bodies, but at the same time also of an enlargement of the smallest microscopic life. The experience of what we see is up to us. Everyone is different and is allowed to see what he or she sees in Patrick’s work. We often see that his work has no titles that direct the viewer to a specific interpretation.

What stands out in Patrick’s work (and what is difficult to see in the photos) are the textures in the surfaces of his paintings and wall sculptures. From thick layers of torn paint to shiny wavy surfaces that you can touch. Patrick does not try to capture the light, but to create structures for the light.
In addition to the monumental formats, he also makes small works in which, just like in his paintings, we see many circles, ovals and curves recurring.

His works are sometimes reminiscent of archaeological excavations to which time has given its patina. Oxidized, torn, discolored and worn. Patrick has speeded up time and gives his works a sense of age. He does not paint with a brush and does not use tubes of paint. He does not color within the lines, but throws dozens of liters of paint into buckets and paints with his sander.

His work is about wonder, time, transience and eternity. He invites us to look at the beauty that lies in this. As Leonard Cohen sang “There is a crack a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. ”

At the moment Patrick works and lives in the vacant Newport Hotel in Huizen. You can make an appointment via Artdistrict to visit his studio, mail us for more information about the possibilities. The studio is more than big enough to keep a distance of 1.5 meters.