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Somsak (1980, Bangkok) lives and works in Bangkok.

Lines, Dots and Landscape

You could describe the work of Somsak Hanumas with these three concepts. Their interplay on the canvas creates an exciting composition that fascinates. Dots and lines on top of each other with strong colors that contrast strongly with the rest of the painting. From very close up the lines and dots are visible to the eye, from a distance the impression of a landscape becomes visible (a bit like that of the European impressionists). This is also what the artist often aims for in his paintings.

In most of his paintings Somsak Hanumas begins with a colored background on the canvas. The many dots of different colors find their way onto the canvas in shape and shade, inspired by his inspiration of that moment. Finally, he adds the lines with acrylic lacquers. These lines are on and over the dots on the canvas. The artist follows a geometric order in order to properly depict the effect of the mix of colors and the impression of depth.

The paintings with the sun as their theme are rounded from his own thoughts about cosmos, space, the earth and our place in this system. He had to adjust his technique somewhat to get the curved lines in the background. The acrylic lacquer lines are now realized here from the center to create the shape of the sun.

His paintings can look very monotonous and repetitive, but know that the artist enjoys working on them. His dedication can certainly be felt in the work, he is busy with it with full attention and dedication. It gives him time to think about patience and time to enjoy life.

Somsak Hanumas werkt zeker zo’n twee tot drie maanden aan een schilderij.


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