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Project Description

Stef van der Bijl


A new design does not always have to have a new shape, it can be on existing shapes of objects. I prefer to apply an object in a new design. “Taking an object out of context and giving it a new function gives it a new character.”

Stef designs unique objects. For example, he makes new lamps by placing antique operating lamps on cast iron drawing table stands. Or he redesigns old Singer sewing machines into lighting, tables and even stairs. In this way he combines design and sustainability. “With my passion for oud I create something new. That’s what my designs are about, I believe in that. “

Stef designs a lot for companies that want to combine individuality and exclusivity with a sustainable character. He also designs his own collections of lamps and furniture, often made of or inspired by old materials.

His recent designs have the theme Reinventing Dutch Heritage. Most of the objects were found at the Amsterdam demolition and date from the Art Deco period.


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