Being me


Being me The thing we can do to be healthy and feel happy is being you, all of you. Whatever you do not like about you is just programming from the external world. Let it go if it does no longer serve you, and become more and more the

Ibu native


Ibu Native Ibu means Mother in Indonesian. Connect with Mother Earth, feel her majestic presence, understand how she uses the flow of nature, and that all comes to you in good time, if you allow it. Ibu native Kunstenaar Irene Hoff Afmeting 134 x



Shapeshifter Kunstenaar Irene Hoff Afmeting 135 x 135 cm Techniek Gemengde techniek Verkoopprijs €3900,- Proefplaatsing aanvragen of reserveren? Proefplaatsing aanvragen: ART District geeft u de mogelijkheid om kosteloos en vrijblijvend een proefplaatsing voor uw favoriete kunstwerk aan te vragen. Onze kunstadviseur komt het

Wing Woman


Wing Woman We are programmed to be small and live in fear most of the time, fear for death, fear for loss, fear for not being accepted. But we are so much more than that, its beyond imagination. The times we are living in allow us to see and