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Project Description



Jaime spent most of his formative years in Australia. His love for photography arose in his youth.

No one else in his family was a photographer: “It’s just something I enjoyed doing as far as I can remember.”

He bought his first digital SLR camera in 2004 and decided to focus on full-time photography.

During his first year in professional photography, he photographed anything that made him money (weddings, products, events, brochures, etc.) but soon realized that this was not the kind of photography he wanted to do, so he turned his focus on creating art, and art alone.

He started working with professional models to develop concepts that combine photography with his graphic background. By the end of 2008 he was doing nothing but art making, in which music plays an influential role.

He prefers to see his camera from when he was a child: as a source of joy and experience.