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Project Description



Pipsqueak was here !!! An Amsterdam duo that likes to work together a lot.

They smear cloth, wood, walls, everything that rolls and rides. Their logo consists of a girl with a bear, a metaphor for man in his relationship and dealings with nature. The name Pipsqueak was here !!! can be explained as follows; a Pipsqueak is a decidedly loud and chatty insignificant type, by adding was here !!!, he tries to make himself extra important in all his insignificance.

The work is created in various ways. In addition to painting with a roller and brush, they often use templates and other graphic techniques. On the one hand to be able to do their work on the street quickly and carefully, on the other hand, to avoid having to make the same image over and over again, if repetition is desired. It allows them to combine all their images quickly and surprisingly. The multitude of subjects and methods gives the work an ever-changing angle.

Much of their work can be discovered in the street scene of Amsterdam, with or without collaboration with the municipality.


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